Digital Fantasy Windows 7 Theme


Digital Fantasy Windows 7 Theme

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Digital Fantasy Windows 7 Theme is a theme with backgrounds of awesome and creative digital artworks based on the fantasy theme. Digital Art is used to refer to various artistic works and practices based on the use of digital technology as an essential component during the creative and/or presentation process. Various names such as computer art and multimedia art are used to refer to the process and digital art itself is placed under the larger umbrella term called “new media art”. Digital art comprises of several branches such as digital imaging, digital painting, 3D computer graphics and photo manipulation. Fantasy is a popular theme in modern digital art and is frequently used by digital artists in their artistic creations. So, we have created this theme with 10 backgrounds of amazing digital artworks based on the fantasy theme. All these backgrounds are of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution and will fit very well into desktop and laptop screens of nearly all resolutions. Hope you all like this theme too.

Theme Name: Digital Fantasy
Number of backgrounds: 10
Best Fit Upto : 1920 x 1200 pixels

Download Digital Fantasy Windows 7 Theme

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  1. LEON says:

    This is nice one
    Thanks 🙂

  2. Mark says:

    Wao.. I like it.. :v

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