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God of War Windows 7 Theme is dedicated the Greek mythology based action-adventure video game series “God of War”. It has been created on the request of savy-yo and pushpinder who requested for the theme. The video game series was developed by Sony Computer Entertainment’s Santa Monica division (PS2 and PS3), with Ready at Dawn Studios developing the PSP (Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta) and Javaground the mobile phone installment (Betrayal) respectively. The central character of game is the Spartan warrior Kratos who is gradually revealed to be a demigod. The first God of War game was released on March 22, 2005 and was a massive success. It was followed by several other games in the series especially for Sony game consoles such as Playstation 2, Playstation 3 and PSP. However, the main trilogy is God of War I, II, & III and the final game in the trilogy was released on March 16, 2010. This theme contains 10 high resolution widescreen backgrounds from the game. All the backgrounds are of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution and will fit very well into computer screens of nearly all resolutions.

We would also like to inform all our loyal visitors that we have launched our Windows 8 Themes website today. We have kept the website name as well as design familiar to this website so that you all can remember and recognize it easily. The name of our Windows 8 Themes website is Windows8Theme.net. So, you can just replace 7 with 8 in our website name for downloading Windows 8 Themes. And you can shuffle between the two too for downloading double the number of high quality Windows 7/8 Themes. πŸ˜‰ All the themes in that website will be of HD resolution and of a very high quality as in the case with this website. And the good news for our theme users is that we have decided to simultaneously release Windows 7 version of all the Windows 8 Themes in that website. For example, you can check the three themes that we have released today in the Windows8theme.net website at the following links:




In the above links, you can also find the Windows 7 version of the themes in the second download button of the respective release post. So, make sure to subscribe via email to the Windows8theme.net website to receive the latest updates about theme releases for both Windows 7 and Window 8 Operating Systems.

For the Windows 8 beta users, you can download the Windows 8 Themes directly and they should work fine in all Windows 8 OS released as of now including both the Developer Preview as well as Customer Preview releases. And we would also like to remind all Windows 8 beta users that our Windows 7 Themes too are fully compatible with the Windows 8 OS. However, the reverse is not true and Windows 8 themes are not compatible with Windows 7. There are a few changes in theme features in Windows 8 OS compared to Windows 7 that we have noticed. At first, Windows 8 theme file formats are different from their Windows 7 counterparts. The one-click install theme files in Windows 7 are of *.themepack format while the ones in Windows 8 are *.deskthemepack files. Secondly, Windows 8 Themes can be set to “Automatic” Window color. In Windows 7, it is a bit difficult to set the Window color as different backgrounds in a single theme are normally of different colors. So, we keep completely transparent Window colors in most themes unless there is a common color in all the backgrounds. But the good news it that Windows 8 has solved the problem by adding a new color option “Automatic”. On selecting this automatic window color, the computer windows automatically identify and change to the background color of the current background. So, for all our Windows 8 Themes, we will definitely be using this “Automatic” color option. Windows 8 Themes also work well now on dual screen monitors. So, we will probably release a few panaromic dual screen Windows 8 Themes in the long run to utilize the feature.

However, there are a couple of things we noticed in Windows 8 Consumer Preview (Beta release) that might reduce the features of our themes in Windows 8. One of them is that the Windows logon sounds are not there in the Windows 8 Consumer Preview OS. And we noticed that there is only one sound scheme in the Windows 8 beta OS, i.e., Windows Default. We use Windows logon sounds extensively for the sound effects in our themes as requested by our users and so, that might not be available in Windows 8 Themes if that option is removed. But in most probability those might not be available again in the final release and only temporarily not added till now. It would be need to be seen if the theme sound options are available in the final Windows 8 Operating System.


In this website, we use 1920 x 1200 pixels for all the backgrounds in all our themes which is a popular 16:10 screen resolution. However, in the last few years, it has been noticed everywhere that the percentage of 16:10 screens (or 8:5) has significantly reduced and the percentage of 16:9 screen resolutions increased. It does not make much difference to the end user though as they are similar screen resolutions and 16:10 backgrounds and 16:9 backgrounds fit well into each other. So, after noticing the current trend, we have now decided that we would create Windows 8 Themes in the future in mostly 1920 x 1080 pixels (16:9) resolution. When Windows 7 was released in October 2009, most of the screen resolutions across the globe were of 16:10 resolutions such as 1280 x 800 pixels, 1440 x 900 pixels, 1680 x 1050 pixels and 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution. But in the last couple of years, the percentage share of all those screen resolutions have dropped while the share of 16:9 screen resolutions such as 1366 x 768 pixels, 1920 x 1080 pixels and 1600 x 900 pixels have been rapidly increasing year on year and month on month. If you are interested in stats, you might check the following two screenshots of global stats from Statcounter and W3schools in the last two years to notice the trend.

But as mentioned above, it hardly matters to the end users as themes for either of the two ratios of screen resolution fit well with the other one. So, if you are using Windows 8 beta, then enjoy the new Windows 8 Themes. BTW Windows 8 users will also have double the number of themes as all our Windows 7 Themes also work on Windows 8. πŸ˜› And please make sure to subscribe via Email to our Windows8theme.net website too. We are the first website yet again to start on genuine Windows 8 Themes and you should find a large collection of high quality themes till the time the operating system gets released officially later this year. πŸ˜€ And please feel free to check our Windows 8 Release website for tricks, news, leaks and other information on the Windows 8 Operating System. It is going to be yet another OS revolution from Microsoft for sure after the massive success of Windows 7 OS.

Theme Name: God of War
Number of backgrounds: 10
Best Fit Upto: 1920 x 1200 pixels

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