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HP Windows 7 Theme is dedicated to the American multinational information technology company Hewlett-Packard which is also one of the world’s leading manufacturer of desktop and laptop computers. It is created on the request of Sajal Bagchi who requested us to create themes based on leading computer manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Lenovo, Sony etc. We will also create Windows 7 Themes dedicated to the other brands in the future. HP was founded in 1939 in a one-car garage in Palo Alto by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, and is now one of the world’s largest information technology companies, operating in nearly every country. HP specializes in developing and manufacturing computing, data storage, and networking hardware, designing software and delivering services. Major product lines include personal computing devices, enterprise & industry standard servers, related storage devices, networking products, software and a diverse range of printers, all-in-one’s and other imaging products. HP also holds the record for registering the ninth .com domain ever registered when it registered HP.com on March 3, 1986. HP entered the computer market in 1966 with the HP 2100 / HP 1000 series of minicomputers and expanded their computer product line in the 1990s. It also bought Apollo Computer in 1989 and Convex Computer in 1995. But the popularity of HP laptops especially increased even further when it bought Compaq US$25 billion in 2001 which was one of the largest supplier of personal computing systems in the world at that time. Since then, HP has increased the marketing of its computers and is one of the most popular computer brand in the world. This theme contains 10 high quality backgrounds of HP and all of them are of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution. Hope that you all like it especially the HP laptop and desktop users. Thanks for your theme requests and please keep them coming. 🙂

Theme Name: HP
Number of backgrounds: 10
Best Fit Upto: 1920 x 1200 pixels

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34 Responses

  1. jeetu sathi says:

    please make the theme of “acer”, i will be gratefull

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      We will surely create a theme for acer too in the future. Thanks for the request. One of my own laptops is an Acer laptop too. 🙂

    • jeetu sathi says:

      thanks a lot for my request by providing me a acer windows 7 theme ,its amazing and wonderful theme.

  2. Já instalei todos os Themes dos senhores, mas, esta a resolução é muito alta, e não dá.

    Todos são lindos, só não instalei dos que têm pessoas. Gostos de navios, aviões,


    Vocês são capazes de muitos Themes. Não sei se estes termos estão certos.

    Srª. Iadydocarmo

  3. Já instalei todos os Themes dos senhores, mas, esta a resolução é muito alta, e não dá.

    Todos são lindos, só não instalei dos que têm pessoas. Gostos de navios, aviões,


    Vocês são capazes de muitos Themes. Não sei se estes termos estão certos.

    Srª. Iadydocarmo

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      Great to know that you liked our themes. All our Windows 7 Themes are of extreme high quality resolution and so wil fit well into all computer screens. We will surely keep on creating theme for various animals, aircrafts etc. as you advised. Thanks for appreciting Srª. Iadydocarmo 🙂

  4. r3x says:

    Hey tnx =) I have HP laptop ) nice theme.

    P.S. could u make Chevrolet Camaro theme ? it will be cool I think.

    Tnx anyway =) nise site nice themes!

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      Great to know that you liked our theme. Thanks for the request and we will create a theme for Chevrolet Camara very soon. 🙂

  5. Swirl says:

    Waiting for Toshiba 1366×768 widescreen HD themes!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      Thanks for the request Swirl. We will create Toshiba 1920 x 1200 resolution theme which would be even more HD like the rest of our themes. But they would stretch as per the users screen and so they will fit on any other resolution too like all our themes do. 🙂

  6. ikram says:

    greattttt its wonderfullllll i would like to ask u to create a theme regarding arnold schwarzeneger with sound effectttttt plzzzzzzzzz create a theme

  7. ravi says:

    hey thanks for the theme i have hp laptop so i like it very much.
    plz make a theme of NOKIA…
    again good job…

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      Great to know that you liked and thanks for the new theme request. Very good idea and we will try to create the Nokia theme very soon. 🙂

  8. shahdeep says:

    really- really good

  9. jeetu says:

    hey nice work…. can you make a vaio theme for vaio laptop…i have a vaio laptop and i want a vaio theme …please..can u?????

  10. Sajal Bagchi says:

    I don’t know how should I be thankful to you W7ThemeGuru…U make my HP laptop alive…
    Lots n lots of Kudos to your effort… 🙂
    I’ll have recommended this site to 100s of my friends till now..and most of them have downloaded the best of the themes from here which they could’nt find from any other site..
    Looking forward to have lots of artistic and awsome themes in future..All the best W7ThemeGuru.

    Sajal Bagchi

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      Thanks a lot for your awesome words of encouragement and appreciation. We will surely create a lot more artistic and ingenious themes in the future too. A lot of the ideas have been provided by great website visitors and theme users like you and we also owe a lot to you all for your support and ideas. Thanks again for your kind words. 🙂

  11. VH says:

    Muito bom!
    Tava procurando faz um tempão algum tema da HP,
    Obrigado ou Thanks “windows7themes.net”,
    bom site

  12. Sanjay says:

    AWSUM!!! It luks as if it was made 4 me!!!!!

  13. aseer says:

    i love it thaaaaaanks

  14. sam4ng says:

    i need themes i can download on my HP PC without having any problem, i’l apprciate if it’s cent 2 my mail

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      All the themes are free to download from our website. Please feel free to download the theme of your wish from the download link in the respective posts. 🙂

  15. sam4ng says:

    wow guru, ur d best, thnks alot

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