Katrina Kaif Windows 7 Theme


Katrina Kaif Windows 7 Theme

Katrina Kaif Windows 7 Theme is my first celebrity theme and it was created on the request of Rathin who left a comment on one of the posts requesting for a Bollywood theme. Katrina Kaif is an Anglo-Indian Bollywood actress and female celebrity who was declared as the most popular Indian celebrity for the last two years in a row by Google in their year-end search results data. This theme is also HQ like the rest of our themes and consists of 10 backgrounds of 1920 x 1200 resolution. If you also have any specific requests for themes like Rathin then please feel free to leave a comment in any of the posts of this website. We create only high resolution and high quality themes of 1920 x 1200 resolution with at least 8-10 backgrounds and so we cannot commit that every request will be fulfilled. But we promise to try our best to respond to all possible requests made by you through your comments. Kindly leave your comments and feedback as we feel encouraged and motivated through your responses.

Theme Name: Katrina Kaif
Number of backgrounds: 10
Best Fit Upto: 1920 x 1200 pixels

Katrina Kaif Windows 7 Theme

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90 Responses

  1. broy says:

    sir theme gurr,
    its nice to see that u r keeping almost evryone’s request of making themes…
    and thank u fr katrina’s theme..
    but sir i need the theme of shahrukh khan as a celebrity theme,with sound effects…
    can u make a theme like that….
    if u cn kindly make theme like dat,it would be a great gift for me,for my brthday…..

  2. born2win says:

    Can u make a theme of Radha Krishna (Hindu Religious theme) with sound effects as Hare Krishna- Hare Krishna or any other bhajan of lord shri krishna

  3. MAX says:


  4. amit says:

    it marvolus…

  5. Pallavi says:


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