Love Windows 7 Theme

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Love Windows 7 Theme is a theme with love quotes and images. It has been created on the request of several users including Aaditya Raj. A lot of people use love backgrounds on their computer and so, probably most of you would like it. It contains 10 backgrounds of love quotes and other images with the word “love”. All of the backgrounds are of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution. Hope you would like it too and please keep sending us your feedback and comments. 🙂

Theme Name: Love
Number of backgrounds: 10
Best Fit Upto: 1920 x 1200 pixels

Download Love Windows 7 Theme

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  1. dude plz create theme of wwe current superstars with their vocal sound…..plz include stars lik cena,rock,taker,kane,c.m.punk,mysterio etc….create t soon plzzzz….most of us il b eagerly waitin for t……

    • Thanks karthik for the request. We had created a WWE theme in the past and you can find it here:

      The problem with creating a lot of WWE themes is that most of the HQ backgrounds are copyrighted by WWE and so, it results in problems while finding suitable backgrounds. And multiple sounds cannot be included in a single Windows 7 Theme as that is not possible. Only a combined intro sound can be done. So, probably we will create another WWE theme in the future with combined intro sounds of top WWE stars.

    • It is working fine abhilash. Just checked it and the download is working flawlessly. What problem are you facing? Please try again.

      • [direct link removed] PLEASE CHECK THIS LINK YOU CAN SEE WHAT I SAY.


    • Thanks for the request Ashish. Will surely try to create the theme soon. We have previous requests for MJ too. 🙂

  2. Please we need Car themes to have the sound of their engines revving-up, Cars like BMW, BENZ, ASTON MARTIN as well as PEUGEOT Onyx theme.
    I also need theme for Arsenal football club on behalf of my self and fellow Gunners faithful. thank you,
    We really appreciate efforts in PIMPING our computers.