Windows 7 Dark Theme


Windows 7 Dark Theme

Windows 7 Dark Theme is a theme dedicated to the awesome Windows 7 Operating System. This a dark theme with 10 high resolution 1920 x 1200 Windows 7 backgrounds and hopefully this theme would be liked by all Windows 7 and dark theme fans. We will also bring out a light version of the theme very soon.

Windows 7 Dark Theme

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211 Responses

  1. cool guy says:

    can i get this gud theme withut branding plzz..

  2. Ouji says:

    Can I also have the non-brand theme please? TiA!

  3. Rahul says:

    wonderful theme!! could you please send me the wallpapers without branding? Thanks!!

  4. Raj says:

    hey can i have too the non-brand themes? thanks :)

  5. Dodi Iqbal says:

    can i have the non-brand themes too! Thanks you :)

  6. Rishabh Solanki says:

    Awesome Theme!!!
    Can i get d non – braded version dude??

  7. Moudy says:

    Can you send me it too, please ?

  8. Chinu says:

    how caan i download these themes??

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      You can download it by clicking on the relevant download button the theme release post. What problem are you facing while downloading?

  9. Glegnar says:

    maybe not too original, but i’d love to have this theme without the brand…
    If you’d be able to send them, i’d greatly appreciate it :)

  10. W7ThemeGuru says:

    Sent the backgrounds to all the pending theme requests above. Thank you for the comments. :D

  11. Slabi says:

    Nice theme, but can I have non-branded one? It would be much better :)

  12. Pratik says:

    can you plz make a mac theme for windows with mac style windows and other features

  13. ras says:

    I never seen anything like this..nice theme man ..
    but have the non-brand themes too ?

  14. W7ThemeGuru says:

    Sent the backgrounds to all pending requests. :)

  15. amir mohammad says:

    kos nanatan ba in sayte kos sheretoon madaretoonoo gayidam

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      Not sure what that means. Even Google translate did not help. Please reply in English if you know it.

  16. Yusuf says:

    wow…. this amazing theme I like it, thank’s for free downlaoad

  17. Aiman says:

    please upload ps3 theme

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