Zombies Windows 7 Theme with sound effect


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Zombies Windows 7 Theme with sound effect is a theme created with scary zombie backgrounds. This theme has been created on the request of Flavio Sousa who had requested for a Zombie boy theme via Facebook and email. Most of you are perhaps already aware of Zombies due to their influence in horror movies, horror shows and several popular video games. Zombies are animated corpses which are brought back to life through mystical means such as witchcraft. Though they are mainly regarded as parts of fantasy and fiction in most parts of the world but in many African countries such as Haiti (eg: Haitian Vodou religion), they are considered real. Dark magic in many ancient civilizations also speak of bringing dead people back to life. Zombies are now an intrinsic part of the horror genre and they are frequently depicted in several horror movies. The breakdown of society and most of the human population becoming flash eating zombies (commonly termed as a zombie apocalypse) is also shown in many such movies. In recent times, Zombie walks have also gained popularity where large gatherings of people wearing zombie dress and makeup walk through popular towns and cities. These zombie walks simulating a zombie apocalypse have been mainly popular in European, Australian, North American and South American countries. Several zombie walk records have been successively broken in the last five years with the latest one being in Mexico where Guinness officially counted 9,806 participants. It contains 10 high quality backgrounds of Zombies. All these backgrounds are of 1920 x 1200 pixels resolution and we have also included a scary evil laugh sound as the Windows logon sound and Windows change theme sound. Hope you all like this theme and it gives you some scary moments. 😉

Theme Name: Zombies
Number of backgrounds: 10
Best Fit Upto : 1920 x 1200 pixels

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13 Responses

  1. LEON says:

    effective sound

    awesome theme


  2. aditya says:

    sir please.. make.. wildlife theme….plzeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      Thanks aditya for the request. We create a lot of wild animals and forests themes etc. but will definitely create them a lot more frequently in the future. 🙂

  3. Herman says:


  4. Sharah Adella R says:

    Great theme:)

    please make Sponge Bob Theme 😀



  6. ankur says:

    great thems of cr7 ,real madrid,and great sound as well…………………… <3 this site please create more football thems and also stadium thems

    • W7ThemeGuru says:

      Thanks ankur and great to know that you liked our themes. We have created several football themes and would continue creating them. We have not yet attempted stadium only themes. But that is a good suggestion and we will definitely try to include themes dedicated to cool stadiums too in the future. 🙂

  7. ram says:

    hey i wanna skull or like scary themes

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